Awesome 30 Epic Summer Bucket List Ideas

Awesome 30 Epic Summer Bucket List Ideas

There must be something about summer that saps our energy. So you will undoubtedly be looking for an enjoyable summer activities list and things to do now that those sunny, warm-breeze days.

30 things to do on your summer bucket list ideas are listed below. If you like to stay at home, we have you covered because most of these activities are free or inexpensive. However, we also have some adventure ideas if you want to spend time outdoors during the summer.

There are several other exciting things you should check off your summer bucket list ideas.

Epic Summer Bucket List Ideas

1. Experiment with New Food

Experiment with New Food

You may have never tried sushi. Consider all the foods you have yet to try, then venture out and try something new. If you aren’t adventurous with your eating, you might discover some delicious treats you would have never heard of.

2. Get up and dance

Get up and dance

In the living room, hold a small dance party for yourself. Kids will enjoy listening to upbeat summer activities for adults, music, and dancing to the beat. 

3. Visit a museum of art

Visit a museum of art

This is one of the best summer bucket list ideas. Explore the exhibitions that are more zany or colorful at your local art museum. Check your local art institutions’ websites in advance, as many offer unique activities and courses for youngsters.

4. Serve your family dinner

Serve your family dinner

Choose your favorite meal recipe, and pretend to be a chef for the evening. Then, you and your friends can go grocery shopping for the goods and set the table like you’re in a formal restaurant.

5. Create shirts using tie-dye

Create shirts using tie-dye

Come up with unique tie-dye shirt designs in the driveway or backyard. You only require a tie-dye kit and a pack of white t-shirts from your neighborhood craft store.

6. Fight with water balloons

Fight with water balloons

In the summertime, it can get quite warm. Having a massive water balloon war in your yard or nearby park is one of the most exciting ways to cool off. Just anticipate getting your clothing wet!

7. Try your luck at the pond or pier

Try your luck at the pond or pier

Do you have access to a lake, dock, or pond nearby where you can fish? Then, it’s time to reel in a big one, so grab your poles and bait!

8. Make sundaes using ice cream

Make sundaes using ice cream

Summer heat necessitates the consumption of ice cream. Make it more hands-on by purchasing your ice cream sundae ingredients rather than visiting a neighborhood ice cream parlor. 

9. On a hot day, run through the sprinklers

On a hot day, run through the sprinklers

One of the best summer bucket list ideas is hot and humid weather. So put on your bathing suit and run through the sprinklers to beat the heat and have fun.

10. Watch a lot of movies

Watch a lot of movies

What is more enjoyable than taking in a fantastic film? Incredible movies all afternoon long! Make some popcorn on a rainy day, curl up under the covers, and watch many family films.

11. Go to the beach for the day

Go to the beach for the day

Put your sandals on and head to the beach if you’re fortunate enough to live close to the water. Build sandcastles, go boogie boarding, or play frisbee on the sand.

12. Hold a competition for lawn games

Hold a competition for lawn games

So many lawn games are available that can stoke your family’s competitive spirit; raise the stakes by offering a grand prize! Try cornhole ring toss, ring toss, flag football, or kick-the-can. 

13. Swim in the community pool

Swim in the community pool

Grab your flotation devices and head to the neighborhood pool. You might find the perfect way to pass the time by practicing your doggy paddle or floating around on a raft.

14. Have a sleepover with your friends

Have a sleepover with your friends

Invite a few of your closest pals over for a traditional sleepover. To ensure that you and your pals have a memorable night of playing and talking, choose a movie, buy some snacks, and set up the sleeping area.

15. Make popsicles at home

Make popsicles at home

What about popsicles? They are much simpler to build than you may imagine. First, pick up a popsicle holder at a nearby home goods store, then fill it with your preferred liquid, like lemonade.

16. Play water gun wars

Play water gun wars

Time to grab your super-soaker and soak your foe! A thrilling and entertaining water game is water gun combat.

17. Observe the fireworks

Observe the fireworks

Fireworks are only lit up during the summer. Find a picturesque park or vantage point to observe the nighttime light show because they typically go off on significant occasions like the Fourth of July.

18. Set up a fort with pillows and blankets

Set up a fort with pillows and blankets

Build your fort in the living room using some furniture as support by gathering cushions and a large blanket. A book, a nap, or some playtime inside can be had after that.

19. By candlelight, tell spooky tales

By candlelight, tell spooky tales

A good ghost story may be enjoyed any time of year, not just around Halloween. So close the curtains, gather around and tell spooky stories by candle or flashlight.

20. Glide down a slip-and-slide

Glide down a slip-and-slide

You don’t need to visit a water park to experience the rush of a waterslide. Instead, set up a slip-and-slide on the grass, turn on the hose, and enjoy sliding down on your stomach. 

21. Go lakeside boating

Go lakeside boating

If you live close to a lake or sizable pond, load up your kayak or canoe and go boating for the morning. Then, you can prepare your preferred snacks for the trip or the next picnic.

22. Have a pizza gathering

Have a pizza gathering

You already know how thrilling it is if your class has ever hosted a pizza party. Don’t let the end of summer activities at home. Prevent you from having fun. 

23. Go on a road trip to a new location

Go on a road trip to a new location

For this one, a driver’s license is required, but why not take a little road trip to a new location? You can visit a lovely town, a nearby theme park, or a stunning mountain.

24. Own a carwash at your home

Own a carwash at your home

The family automobile needs to be thoroughly cleaned of all the accumulated summer mud. Create a car-washing station in your home. 

25. Create bubbles

Create bubbles

A straightforward but enjoyable one. A bubble wand and some bubble juice are needed to quickly produce a spectacular bubble sky. 

26. Visit the playground for the afternoon

Visit the playground for the afternoon

A trip to the playground is always a worthwhile use of time! Get exercise, spend time outside, and make friends with other children.

27. Overnight camping in the backyard

Overnight camping in the backyard

Want to have a wonderful experience at home? Spend the night “camping” in your backyard. Set up a tent, get a cozy bed, games, or reading material, and act out in the middle of nowhere.

28. Draw bright pictures with chalk on the driveway

Kids can enjoy themselves for a long time using sidewalk chalk. The imagination has no boundaries; it can draw self-portraits, flowers, and even tiny towns.

29. Hide and seek is fun

Hide and seek is fun

Play a game of hide-and-seek around the house or yard with a companion. There are no restrictions! Be careful not to laugh when you’re hiding because you’ll be discovered.

30. Prepare cookies

Prepare cookies

Do you have some extra time and ingredients for baking? Why not bake some of your preferred cookies? Our modest view is that the best flavor is chocolate chip.


These crazy summer bucket list activities should have given you some excellent ideas. Stay tuned for more rejuvenating pictures!

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