Creating a Healthy Home Environment: Balancing a Harmonious Living Space

Creating a Healthy Home Environment: Balancing a Harmonious Living Space


Home is where the heart is’. Everyone must have heard this saying once in their lifetime. All of us come home at the end of our day. No matter what we do. Home is the place we remember when we are tired and we want to relax. It is our safe space. As a result, it becomes important to not just clean our house but also make it a healthy living Space. 

In this article, we will explore some simple and effective ways to create a healthy environment in our home.

Tips to create a healthy home environment are as follows:

1. Have Natural Light

natural light

Exposure to natural light is very important.

Scientifically, it nourishes the human body with Vitamin-D. It is also equally important for our living space to have enough light.

Natural sunlight brings an ample amount of positivity.

2. Optimize Air Quality

Having enough air and its proper circulation helps create a healthy living environment. Even more important is the quality of air we let in our home. 

There are some easy ways to improve the quality of air in our houses;

  • Installing air purifiers in the living room

Electric air purifiers are easy to install and use. You just need to plug them in and they will do the job. They are also cost effective.

  • Plant trees in and around your living space

The importance of plants in this area doesn’t need much discussion.

Everyone knows the role of plants in providing good quality air.

  •  Plants increase the amount of oxygen around your living space.
  • Plants also remove toxins

Moreover, they improve the quality of air already present in our living space as well as our complete surroundings.

3. Declutter And Organize

The most important step in creating a healthy living space is cleaning. Basic cleaning is part of almost everyone’s routine.

But what gets tough to manage is organizing things again and again.

In today’s fast paced world, everyone is struggling to produce a routine that includes all their essential work. But often we cannot make enough time for organizing our stuff. 

*What may help us to lead a more organized life is

  • Dedicating specific time for organizing in a week or at least in a month.
  • Cleaning on a more daily basis always helps.
  • Cleaning little fragments of your living space and not doing everything at a time
  • Donate items you no longer need

A clean, tidy living space provides more focus and relaxation.

4. Create A Peaceful Bedroom 

Peaceful Bedroom 

Bedroom in our homes is the place we go to have rest and rejuvenate ourselves for the next task. 

Prioritise comfort and relaxation. 

To recharge and rejuvenate completely, we need to create a peaceful bedroom space. 

Tips to create a peaceful bedroom:

  • Use lighter shades for your bedroom. 
  • Install a window in the bedroom to allow air circulation and a good amount of light.
  • Use soft and comfortable mattresses.
  • Use comfortable material for your bedsheets preferably cotton.
  • Spray room fresheners with pleasant fragrances to make the room more harmonious.
  • Use soft pillows.

5. Balance The Energy Flow 

Balancing the energy flow is a crucial part of creating a healthy and safe living space. 

There must be ample space for movement and interactions. 

You can arrange the furniture in a way that allows more and more space.

Install elements like bells, crystals, mirrors etc. These elements bring positivity. They balance the energy flow in your living space. Additionally, they add to the decor.

6. Bring Nature Indoors

We have already discussed the importance of plants in creating a healthy living space. 

Adding plants to your living space has various benefits.

Plants increase the amount of oxygen around your living space.

They improve the quality of air already present in our living space as well as our complete surroundings.

Plants also add to the beauty of your living space in an unimaginable way. You can bring inside different kinds of plants. Ornamental plants like Peace Lily, Money plant, Water bamboo, Bonsai etc. are one of the most beautiful ornamental plants. 

You should include natural materials like wood, stone etc. in your home decor.

Or you can also include water elements. For example, a tabletop fountain.

You can also install plants grown in little colourful pots. This way you can add colours to your living space too. 

7. Reduce Noise Pollution

Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can often come in the way of creating a healthy living space. It can disturb your mood and consequently your efficiency in performing daily activities.

Noise can cause disturbance and stress. In serious cases, it may cause sleeplessness.

  • Reduce the volume of appliances in your home. 
  • Install more windows and doors to further reduce noise.
  • Use doormats, rugs etc. to absorb excessive sound.
  •  Install curtains and blinds for soundproofing.
  • Use light, soothing music to cover unwanted sounds.


Creating a safe, healthy living space is very important for our mental and physical well being. A harmonious living space may be subjective to everyone. 

Following some simple steps can make this process easy and fun. 

These steps can transform our living space into a healthy and safe space. This way, everyone can enjoy the endless benefits of having a healthy and safe space to live.


Frequently Asked Questions

Clear air, Natural light, reduced noise levels and plants in your surroundings can make a healthy living environment.

A healthy living environment is an environment that nurtures our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Yes, a Healthy Living Space can contribute to your mental health in many ways.

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