Powerful 10 Ways To Celebrate Holy Week At Home

Powerful 10 Ways To Celebrate Holy Week At Home

 “Everyone has a special way of celebrating the holy week.”

Why do we celebrate holy week?

Holy Thursday is commemorated as a solemn holiday with great significance. The Lord bestowed upon us the greatest of all gifts on this day. However, you may be confused about what to do this Holy Week. For many, the holiest week of the year is spent praying in church, and while nothing can replace that experience, there are other ways to honor the week.  Here are some suggestions for making your holy week at home more meaningful and getting your hearts ready.

                                                         Quick summary!

Holy Thursday can be a meaningful time spent at home, drawing closer to Christ by implementing some of the suggestions given in this post.

10 Ways to celebrate holy week at home

Some important Holy week activities that can be performed at home are described below:

1. Involve your Kids

Involve your kids

If you have kids, get them involved in the activities leading up to Holy Week. This might be as easy as selecting a prayer leader or a lectionary reader for the day. The daily readings are available online at usccb.org/readings, or you can use a children’s Bible. Depending on their ages and the nature of your relationship, this may entail making decisions about the worship space, the meals you’ll share, or the daily activities you’ll engage in.

2. Play simple Games

Play simple Games

Walk through the events of Holy Week and have people share the images. Give youngsters a day to collect or make one symbol. The symbols can be on the dinner table or a unique prayer table on the good days. Hide the eggs in the house. Some should be easy to find, while others should be more difficult.

3. Celebrate with a Big Brunch on Easter

Celebrate with a Big Brunch on Easter

It is traditional for Roman Catholics to abstain from eating any kind of meat (pork, chicken, beef, etc.) on Fridays and throughout Holy Week in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifices for humanity. Eat lots of vegetables and seafood instead. Also, don’t forget to give away fun Easter gifts and explain to the kids why we celebrate Easter in this unique way to remember Jesus’ resurrection.

4. An Easter egg hunt with the kids

An Easter egg hunt with the kids

The Easter egg hunt is a time-honored tradition that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and adults alike, indoors or outdoors. To celebrate, you can utilize either actual eggs that have been brightly colored or plastic eggs that have been loaded with treats. Ten eggs should be left aside for each person. 

5. Watch a live broadcast of the church service

Watch a live broadcast of the church service

Many parish priests and churches have started live-streaming their daily and Sunday masses online thanks to the internet era. It’s a risk-free option to share in spiritual communion with others, while it’s not the same as going to church and publicly worshiping God and praying together. So take note of the time of the online live streaming of your local church.

6. Meditate


Meditation is an everyday activity on Good Friday. While many of your fellow Roman Catholics are out in the streets participating in processions, you might use this day to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf quietly. Then, for a change of pace, put down the phone and focus on reading and meditating on some profound Bible verses. You can also use meditation apps to achieve inner peace, health, and equilibrium.

7. Cover your statues

Cover your statues

Covering up statues and holy pictures in the home prevents us from reflecting on His death and burial via contemplation of that hallowed image. This religious custom also makes us more excited for Easter. Various fabric items, including napkins and tissue paper, can be used for wrapping. There should be no embellishments or see-through areas. You should cover the most important religious images if you need more to protect them all.

8. Perform the foot wash ritual

Perform the foot wash ritual

Remembering the time Jesus humbled himself to wash His disciples’ feet is a touching custom. In certain homes, the father may wash his wife’s and kids’ feet as a symbol of humility. You can also be of service to your loved ones by taking part in other activities. Do something kind for everyone you come in contact with today. Another idea is to have everyone in the family be “Secret Santa” throughout the day.

9. Host a memorial supper for the deceased

Host a memorial supper for the deceased

Dressing up for supper on Holy Thursday, setting the table beautifully, and serving a delicious meal are all great ways to mark the occasion. The purpose of this sacred supper is to reflect on God’s work in the history of salvation and to deepen one’s devotion. It’s a tradition that we should all look forward to and follow seriously.

10. Remember Jesus Christ

Remember Jesus Christ

The evening is a great time to set aside meditation and prayer. A personal altar for worship in the home would be a lovely addition. If you are doing this with children, keep it shorter, say 10 minutes. What matters most is simply spending time with Jesus. There’s nothing extraordinary you need to do. Simply sit and be with Him for an hour. Reading something inspirational can help keep your thoughts on track.

 Colors for Holy Week

As part of the Christian liturgy, specific colors are designated as “liturgical colors” and are sewn into vestments and hung from curtains. Violet, blue, white, green, red, gold, black, and rose are a few of the colors whose symbolism can be used to emphasize the good feelings during a particular season of the liturgical year or to draw attention to a momentous occasion.

If you want to add some significance to your Easter Sunday breakfast this year, try setting the table with crisp white linens and a bouquet in a shade of yellow. Numerous passages in the Bible refer to these white flowers. Likewise, the color violet has deep symbolic meanings, including repentance and sadness. Finally, fill vases with violets and place them throughout the house for a splash of purple.

Pink is ideally in sync with Easter decor because it is associated with spring. Put up a pink banner, light some pink tapered candles, and cut a pink cake. Express your inner artist by giving your nails a soft pink manicure with simple do-it-yourself nail art.

Final Words

We have found above the answers to “how can we celebrate holy week at home.” It’s up to you to decide the level of complexity for each of these suggestions. The purpose is to remember that day and to be with Jesus. Having an eternal perspective can help people realize the bliss of spending eternity in God’s presence.

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