Ways to avoid distractions and focus on work

Ways to avoid distractions and focus on work



There will always be possibilities for distraction, regardless of how your working life is structured. In the office, common disruptions like neighbouring phone calls, unplanned meetings, and gossiping co-workers can make it easy to lose your focus. Distractions can also be found at home, such as a demanding pet, the humming of the dishwasher, or a mountain of bills that need to be paid. There are ways to avoid distractions which can help you to focus on your work.

Distractions are a natural part of life and, in moderation, can even be beneficial: Taking brief pauses during the day can frequently assist to clear your head and reduce stress and burnout. However, if you spend too much time on less crucial jobs and not enough time on more crucial ones then there will be lots of distractions. Most people now include time for online work in their daily schedules. Like the apps and websites, you use for job-related tasks, there are several more platforms that provide enjoyment and information and delay you from completing your tasks while at work. Here are some suggestions on how to stay focused on work during office hours and avoid internet distractions. Getting addicted to such platforms is not unusual but can harm your career.




1. Silence all unnecessary notifications, take some time off-

Silence all unnecessary notifications, take some time off-

Nothing is more frustrating than invasive notifications that interfere with your ability to concentrate at work. Simply set aside some time to momentarily disable the notifications for all the apps that are distracting you to get rid of them. You might not know this, but turning off email notifications on PCs is an excellent way to avoid internet distractions. To convey to your team that you are focused (or trying to be) and that they shouldn’t bother you unless it is very essential, try employing a signalling system. This may be as straightforward as a set of headphones. This is one of the go to way to avoid distractions and focus on your work.

2. Use Airplane mode-

Use Airplane mode

Additionally, you can utilise aeroplane mode to reduce phone and text message interruptions during specific hours of the day. You can always exempt certain numbers, such as those of close friends or esteemed and significant business partners, if the thought of doing so makes you nervous. On an iPhone, you may configure “Do Not Disturb” mode to only allow some “preferred” contacts to reach you while muting all other calls and messages. Both iPhones and Android phones include options that let you mute all incoming calls and notification beeps at a specific time. You should activate this mode using your quick settings whenever you want to study and then stay out of it until you’re done. This will help you to focus on your work and avoid diversion.

 3. Place your phone on a shelf or in another area of the room, rather than on your desk-

Place your phone on a shelf or in another area of the room, rather than on your desk

This will require some getting used to if you’re used to constantly having your phone nearby or in your pocket. I advise you to start by clearing your desk or study area of your phone. Don’t glance at it until you absolutely need to for work; instead, keep it connected to the charger in a different room. I then advise taking your phone out of your bedroom. If you can, keep it connected to the charger in a different room. In this manner, it won’t keep you from reading, relaxing, or trying to get some sleep.

 4. Limit how much you can use your certain apps-

Limit how much you can use your certain apps-

Set your timer for 30 minutes and move it far from you after you have activated “Do Not Disturb” mode. Stop working and take a five-to-ten-minute rest when the timer chimes. You can get a timer and progress tracking app like Pomodoro or Unplugged from the app store. When you try to use your phone during the specified period, some of these apps prompt you to put it down. This is the most opted way to focus on your work and avoid distractions.

5. Make some time for a self- care routine

Make some time for a self- care routine-

What do you do right away after waking up? Check the alerts on your smartphone by scrolling? Put an end to                 it!  Looking at a screen first thing in the morning is not advised. This can be changed to a self-care                                  morning routine where you exercise to boost your health or meditate to de-stress. To keep your focus,                            plan for the day. The time you would normally spend to go to work each day can now be utilised to exercise,                  journal, meditate, or listen to music. You should take the first hour or two, depending on what time you wake              up every morning, for self-care. Try this way to avoid online distraction and focus on your work.

6. Block distracting websites-

Block distracting websites-

One of the top way to avoid online distractions and focus on work. Yes, work can be done online, but there are always distractions only a click away. Although it is a matter of discipline, you can’t count on success in this case. At this point, the internet functions like a dopamine slot machine. To “improve engagement,” which is a tech word that implies “getting you to spend every waking hour scrolling and like stuff,” the brightest minds of our generation are working around the clock. Willpower alone won’t be able to stop this, much like bringing a water cannon to a nuclear battle.

 7. Start with a To-Do list-

Start with a To-Do list-

Even though we live in a highly technologically advanced era, the traditional to-do list is still in demand. According to studies, having a written plan of action makes you more efficient and less taxing on your brain. Therefore, make a schedule for the day by outlining all the tasks you must complete before you start working. Next, order each activity according to importance by using the ABC Method. So, if you become side-tracked, you can get back on track by taking a quick look at your to-do list. This is the method to avoid distraction and focus on work.



 Even while interruptions are unavoidable, you don’t have to be equipped to deal with them. You’ll be able to stay on task and accomplish more at work by abiding 7 strategies for avoiding distractions. Install Serene on your computer to block websites, schedule your day. Listen to focus music all in one convenient location to create a distraction-free space. For more things to make you happy, have a look at some ways to find the things that can bring more happiness in your life.


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