Makeup Tips And Tricks For Busy Moms

Wake up, grind, get to work, and repeat. 


That’s exactly what the routine of most busy women and moms seems to look like. But, just like the propaganda of woman power, the problems faced by active women and moms are omnipresent as well; no time for a daily makeup routine!  

While women seamlessly get to follow a routine that caters to them and others around them, ace work, and get back to it another day, they often forget to look after themselves in this process. 

It happens to most of us, doesn’t it? Of course, every woman wants to look presentable and make an alluring impression. But once the busy schedule takes over, gone is the time you put into a daily makeup routine and proper dressing. 

Asking a busy woman or a mom why she couldn’t wing her liner or go for a better lipstick shade is quite the equivalent of putting your hand into a lion’s mouth! However, it is uncanny how a simple daily makeup routine look can sweep all the tiredness away and make you look presentable, alluring, and ready to seize the day! 

Wearing makeup gives women an extra edge over their appearance and makes them feel good about themselves. Be it a shopping errand, taking the kids out, or a busy day at work. 

This blog encompasses a daily make-up routine for busy women and moms that will have them looking radiant, presentable, and, most importantly, confident! 

How to prep the skin before getting into regular makeup ideas? 

A 7-10 minute daily make-up routine sounds promising and tempting, especially if you are a busy woman. However, if you don’t prep your skin before applying makeup, your skin will fall prey to dullness, acne, and pigmentation in the long run. Of course, we don’t want all that on top of an already complicated and fast routine, do we? 


1. Cleanse the dirt and stress away

Cleanse the dirt and stress away

Regular makeup ideas don’t begin with foundation or concealer; they start with prepping your face to glide on efficiently. 

Wash your face with a mild cleanser first thing in the morning. It’s best to wash off all the dirt and tension accumulated on your skin overnight. We get it, you’re a busy woman, a mom, and you’re bound to stress and fret over a few things here and there. 

Cleansing is essential to ward off any stress breakouts and prevent dead skin cells from clogging your pores. 

And while you’re at it, look in the mirror and remind yourself, ‘You got it!” 


2. Moisturize, nourish, and flourish

Moisturize, nourish, and flourish

A huge skincare misconception is that only dry skin beauties need moisturizers. However, the apple falls very far from the tree in this myth. Using a moisturizer before putting on any makeup, regardless of skin type is essential. 

If you have oily skin, opt for a gel-based moisturizer and a thicker consistency if you have dry skin. 

It is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Investing in a good moisturizer and putting on a dab of moisturizer after cleansing will transform your skin into the best base for a quick daily make-up routine. 


3. Sunscreen for the win

Sunscreen for the win

Busy women and moms, hear us out loud and clear! Never skimp on applying sunscreen. It is a skin-saving, make-up essential, and, most important, a skincare product that you must never leave home without. 

Going to work, running errands, mowing the lawn, and the like are often done during the daytime. But, unfortunately, all that work and time you put in the sun accomplish the tasks at hand at the cost of damaging your skin with UV rays. 

Moreover, sunscreen under makeup makes your skin a better base and is ideally the second step to your skin prep for makeup after moisturizer application. 


Now that your skin is prepped for make-up application.

Let’s look at a quick makeup routine for busy women and moms to slay throughout the day! 

4. Foundation First

Foundation first

The very name of this make-up product speaks volumes about why it goes first. It is indeed the foundation of a flawless everyday make-up look! Foundation evens out the skin tone and adds radiance to your complexion. 

Instead of choosing a lighter foundation shade, opt for one that resembles your complexion for better coverage. Then, apply foundation to your forehead, T-zone, cheekbones, and jawline and blend using your fingers or a beauty blender. 


5. Conceal, don’t reveal

Conceal, don’t reveal

Being a working woman, a mom, or both, implies dark circles, puffy eyes, and stress-elevated pigmentation. Good for you; a concealer hides all the small nit-picks flawlessly. 

Apply concealer on the areas you wish to cover up and blend the same with a beauty blender. However, if you don’t have any dark spots, dark circles, or pigmentation, you can skip the concealer and move on to the next step. 


6. Compact Powder

Compact Powder

Sealing the foundation and concealer with a quick dab of compact powder is essential, or else your makeup will wear off to look greasy by the end of the day. Also, as a pro tip from the handbook of regular makeup ideas, keep a compact powder handy for touch-ups instead of re-doing your makeup between breaks. 

Also known as setting powder, this product ensures your base stays in place and doesn’t crack. In addition, it gives your face a smooth finish to your overall makeup.  


7. Mascara


Since this is a makeup idea for working women, we keep our hands off eyeliners, and eye shadow palettes as using them take up a lot of time and perfection. So instead, mascara does the job without stressing out about perfecting your eyeliner. 

Apply mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and alive. You can also run a little mascara on your eyebrows to give them color and shape. 


8. Highlighter or Blush; the choice is yours

Highlighter or Blush; the choice is yours

A blush can add a refreshing flush of pink to your face and complete the soft glam to your daily makeup routine. Now available in tint and cream form, you can go for a lighter or darker pink as per your complexion and add a natural-looking radiance to your cheekbones. 

However, if you’re not a fan of blush, you can opt for a highlighter. As the name suggests, it highlights the high points of the face, such as the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, and sometimes the collarbones. 

Both products render quick application; while one adds a pink flush, the other gives your face some shine. Of course, you can alternate between the two if you wish. 


9. Lipstick


Whoever said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend didn’t know lipsticks existed! No make-up product can elevate and complete a look as lipstick does. Yet, this is inevitably the essential part of a daily make-up routine. 

Even if you skip concealers, mascara, or blush, wearing lipstick with foundation for the base gives you the perfect glam. 

For the daily make-up routine, simply overline your lips and choose a shade of lipstick that doesn’t stand out from your outfit, isn’t very loud, or very transparent, like a lip balm. 

With this, suggestions for makeup routines for busy ladies and mom’s come to an end. This make-up routine is quick and easy and will make you look pleasant and presentable throughout the day. 


Let’s stay confident with makeup! 

Before we part ways with the beautiful readers of this blog, one piece of advice we’d like to give our busy women and moms is that the most precious makeup is your smile and confidence. It can make you look poised and glamorous when paired with effortless regular makeup ideas.  

Celebrate your being when you put together your regular makeup ideas with a few products in a few minutes before you take on the world every single day. Then, remove your makeup every day before bed to avoid breakouts. And regardless of your busy schedule, make time for yourself!

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