Travel Bucket List To Do Before Your 40

Travel Bucket List To Do Before Your 40


Look no further if you need some ideas for your bucket list. We have a tone of amazing bucket list suggestions that will make your heartbeat faster. There is something on this list for everyone, from traveling to exotic locations to engaging in extreme sports and romantic activities.

So why are you still waiting? Start crossing things off your list right now! Travelers should have a bucket list because it serves as a source of ideas for interesting new experiences. It might be challenging to know where to begin when there are so many sites to visit. Be at ease, though! Look over these suggestions and use them to create a list of the locations and things you wish to experience in 2023, even if it is only virtually! There is a lot to see in your town, state, and area, even though you might have to wait to travel to some locations. Here are 15 bucket list ideas to motivate your 2023 travels, whether you go solo, with friends, or with your significant other.



1. See the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Millions of people visit it every year, but the epic story is what keeps them coming back. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal, who passed away during the delivery of their fourteenth child. White marble and semi-precious stones were used in the monument’s construction, which took more than ten years. The monument draws tourists from all over the world, who stay nearby for the day to learn about the region’s old past and hear legends from the Mughal era. When there are fewer people and the rising sun casts a pleasant glow over the white marble structure, we advise visiting the Taj Mahal at sunrise first thing in the morning.

2. Trek the Himalayas

Trek the Himalayas

There are several pathways in the Himalayas to accommodate any type of adventure seeker, so you no longer need to climb Mount Everest to demonstrate your ability to walk there. The Himalayan Mountain range is made up of numerous mountains that are dispersed throughout India, Nepal, China, Pakistan, and Bhutan; most tourists choose to travel in India or Nepal. Use the clearer, cooler months of April through November, which are the coolest months of the year. There are many different hikes to select from, but there are also luxury resorts and lodges for those of you who just want to rest and soak in the scenery of the range. The breeze rushes down from peaks over 8,000 meters height, scratching the edge of the troposphere, far from the settlements, on the open trail. The freshness can be sensed, as well as smelled and tasted, far from the industrial hive that is Kathmandu (which is an oxymoron of why you would visit the Himalayas).

3. Italian Culinary Experience

talian Culinary Experience

The foodies should read this. Italian cuisine consists of much more than just pasta and pizza, as any gastronome would explain. You will learn that Italian food is distinct, nutritious, and rich in natural flavour, whether you choose to emulate Elizabeth from Eat, Pray, Love or forge your own tasty path. Visit Tuscany for wine tasting, Umbria for truffle hunting, and South Italy for the greatest fresh pizza. The smallest communities and farms usually have the freshest flavors and ingredients. This week-long feast of Italian specialties from Spoleto and Orvieto’s family-run eateries and cantinas makes up this gastronomic tour of Italy. Fresh food all the way from organic farms close to Assisi or the mountain community of Castelluccio.

4. Walk across the Great Wall of China

Walk across the great wall of China

The Great Wall is almost 21,000 km long, so it may not be able to walk the entire length, but it is still worthwhile to visit. Wear comfortable shoes if you decide to walk when seeing this architectural wonder; but you can also cycle, ride a helicopter, and in some places, take a cable car. The best times of year to visit the Great Wall in and around Beijing are from March to May in the spring or from September to November in the fall. To fully appreciate the history and well-kept mysteries of the ancient Chinese Empire, we also advise travelling with a trip guide. By dusk on the first night, they had made good progress and had taken refuge in a dilapidated stronghold that formerly housed the men who stood vigil on the Wall, probably keeping an eye out for attackers from the north. They pondered their upcoming trek, a 17-month, 8,850-kilometer (5,500-mile) odyssey that would test their stamina while also making them the first humans to walk the whole length of the wall.

5. Stay in Igloo

Stay in Igloo

Although staying in an igloo may sound extreme, it is quite possible! Igloos of today are crammed with practically everything you’ll need during your stay and have every modern comfort. You can choose to stay in igloos wherever in Europe, but we really like the cozy igloos of Finland, Austria, Switzerland, and Norway. Pack a sizable amount of warm clothing. Although cozy, you will need gloves and socks to protect yourself from the ice outside the igloo. Plan your journey from November to March because igloos are extremely weather-reliable.

6. See the Northern lights

See the Northern lights

When highly charged solar wind particles travelling from the sun collide with air molecules in the earth’s atmosphere, their energy is converted into light and the northern lights and their counterpart in the southern hemisphere appear. These magnetic fields converge towards the Polar Regions, where this occurs. Around the top and bottom of our world, these magnetic fields produce auroral ovals, which move and change as the earth spins and solar flare activity rises. They typically occur between 60 and 75 degrees latitude, which includes all of Iceland as well as the northernmost regions of Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Alaska, and Russia.

7. Do 10 different ziplines


Getting your heart racing as you soar through breathtaking scenery is made possible by the thrilling but safe activity of ziplining. Whether you zip line over the jungle canopy or over stunning beaches, the experience will leave you with lifelong memories of your trip. Regardless of where your travels take you, this exhilarating sport is likely to leave you in amazement, from tropical zip lines in the Caribbean to flights over old-growth forest in Alaska. 

8. Take a safari in Kenya

Take a safari in Kenya

Even though Kenya, the home of the world’s wildlife, is not very well known among Indian tourists, those who enjoy wildlife are familiar with its remoteness and allure! You breathe in the freshness that permeates the wide woods and meadows as you walk around in Kenya’s forests. And when you engage in an exhilarating game of hide and seek with Kenya’s rich animals, your pulse rushes. It’s crucial to research and comprehend what Kenya’s many safari spots have to offer if you want to experience the greatest safari possible.

9. Take a train journey through the Scottish Highlands

Take a train journey through the Scottish Highlands

 You might not anticipate being able to mix rail travel with traditional highland scenery, even in a nation as stunning as Scotland. You should probably add this to your vacation bucket list because the scenery along the West Highland Railway is enormous in scope and moving in its images. Travel through well-known locations like the imposing Ben Nevis peak and the 21-arch viaduct at Glenfinnan on your route from Glasgow’s city Centre all the way to Mallaig. You won’t have to worry about keeping your eyes on the road, even though you might have to stretch your neck to see everything.

10. Visit at least 10 UNESCO world heritage sites

There are hundreds of them; here are ten of the most well-known. Some of the less popular or accessible locations are amazing. Find out more about the World Heritage Sites. Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian; Angkor Wat; ATM Mayan Burial Cave in Belize; Old Havana, Cuba; Kathmandu Valley, Nepal; Taj Mahal; The Great Wall of China; Pyramids of Egypt; Petra, Jordan; and Ancient Kyoto, Japan.

11. Get an inner hippie on at a music or art festival

Get an inner hippie on at a music or art festival

Coachella Music and Arts Festival or Glastonbury might be for you if you enjoy music as much as I do. Or, if music is not your major priority, Burning Man. No matter which one you choose, it’s impossible to pass up attending one of the sizable multi-day festivals. Don’t let being 40 stop you, I’ll say it again. I enjoyed some of the best three days of my trip at Coachella, and at 50, I did it all on my own.

12. Do a glacier hike

Do a glacier hike

It takes more than just putting on your cleats to hike across a glacier. There are numerous locations worldwide where you may accomplish this securely and economically, but experience is still required. There are glacier hikes of some kind in Iceland, northern Canada, New Zealand, and most of the far-northern European nations. It is much simpler and more enjoyable than you might imagine if you have an experienced guide.

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

The more we travel, the more we realize that our home is so much more than the town, city, state and even country that we’ve grown up in; we realize that our home is the world, this planet, and we become more conscious of how we can harmoniously live and support one another. And in that knowingness and state of consciousness, people like those supporting the movement of charity. You can check also Best Packing Tips for Travel.

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