Times When You Feel Most Creative of All!

Times When You Feel Most Creative of All!


Our circadian rhythm runs on a twenty-four-hour cycle since our internal clock is based on Earth’s light/dark cycle. Some folks (night owls) have a little longer cycle than others (morning larks). Most people tend to be larks as kids, then change to owls as teenagers. We progressively return to being larks as we get older, albeit not everyone follows this trend.

So, tell me, do you have a specific time that you write? Are you an owl or a lark? Is the night when you’re most creative or the morning? What do you think of studies that claim creative problem-solving tasks, including writing, are best completed on the other side of your best time?

“Creativity is just connecting things.” – Steve Jobs

The value we, as individuals, provide to each idea is another factor. Because of our initial perspective, context, culture, genetics, and upbringing, we each have a distinct perspective on any idea—even ones that are well-established and pervasive in today’s world. Any idea can evolve if we add our own distinctiveness to it, which elevates it to the level of being truly creative. Therefore, how can we identify our most creative moments and how can we effectively utilise them? Here’s some guidance to help you align your work with your everyday routine.

Have you ever realized, when do you feel most creative?

1. When you exercise

When you exercise

Sit as little as you can, the advice, given by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche more than a century ago, appears to have been lifted from the New York Times’ Health section. Do not believe any concept that was not developed in an environment that allowed for unrestricted movement and the open air—an environment in which the muscles also delighted. Nevertheless, it is unusual to find more than a few artists who exalt their workout routine, even in an era when the advantages of fitness are well understood and when fitness culture is so ubiquitous that it influences how individuals dress each morning. This could be due to structural as well as cultural factors. The regular drinking sessions at openings, artist dinners, and other social events.

2. Be prepared

Be prepared

It doesn’t really matter when your creativity will strike or what kinds of activities will inspire it if you’re not ready to seize the opportunity when it occurs. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to always keep a pen and notepad with you, yet there are some situations in which traditional pen-and-paper recording is insufficient like as when you’re taking a shower. The shower is the best place to get creative ideas, according to a Crown Plaza survey. What will you do if an idea comes to you while you’re lathering? Although I enjoy the concept of using children’s bath crayons, I keep dry-erase markers in the bathroom and write messages to myself on the mirror after I get out of the shower.

3. One thought leads to another thought

One thought leads to another thought

‘Noticing the fact that ‘One thinking leads to another notion’ is an example of creativity. This resembles mind mapping more so. Ever questioned why YouTube highlights related or pertinent videos sequentially? As an illustration, while you are viewing the video of Obama’s visit to the United Kingdom on YouTube, a section on the same page lists Obama’s trips to other nations that have similar or different political agendas. Because this is exactly “how our minds work,” mind mapping is another original method for exploring or understanding the significance and intricacy of a subject. Whenever your attention goes to the past or to the future then just bring your attention back to the present moment (here now). When I practice being in the present moment then I do this – I become an observer to the bodily sensations. I listen to the sounds around me. I watch my thoughts and notice wherever your attention goes. Basically, I became a passive watcher of everything which attracts my attention.

4. Playful and Disciplined

Playful and Disciplined

People that are creative often show perseverance and tenacity when working on a project. They might put in countless hours of work, even working through the night, until they are happy with what they have produced. Think about your reaction if you met an artist. Their way of life could sound attractive, enticing, and thrilling. However, many people might not realise how much labour it takes to be a good artist. A creative individual is aware that true creation requires a balance between enjoyment and effort. A person who is artistic or creative may seem relaxed, but they can also be highly motivated and hardworking when it comes to pursuing their love.

5. Conservation and Rebellious

Conservation and Rebellious

By definition, creative people think beyond the box, and we frequently associate them with rebelliousness and nonconformity. He contends that being both conventional and iconoclastic is necessary for creativity. This entails being able to seek out better strategies for coming up with fresh ideas while yet being able to accept and even embrace the past as a source of information. Although conservative in many ways, creative people are aware that innovation occasionally necessitates taking chances.

We are aware that, in the general population, 15% of us are strong larks, 20% of us are strong owls, and around two-thirds of us fall somewhere in the middle. However, this can vary with time.

6. At night

At night

There can be a good reason to put off doing a project until the evening before it is due. Simply put, sometimes of the day don’t encourage creative thought as much as others do. Most respondents to a study on productivity during the day performed by the Crown Plaza hotel chain indicated that creativity peaked at 10 p.m. and was at its lowest in the middle of the day and in the evening. Of course, everyone has a different schedule, so night-time may not always be the best time for you to be creative. It’s critical to identify your own creative peak times and to make the most of that time each day. Because you used up all of your energy during the day, your body produced precisely the proper number of molecules to alert your brain to the fact that you should get some rest. Your frontal lobe’s power starts to wane. Although it isn’t fully off, it is undoubtedly not digesting everything that is happening around you.


After the network had been established, we were interested in determining whether a person with more connections in this highly creative network would perform well on the tasks. In order to evaluate if we could estimate a person’s creativity score, we first analysed the strength of a person’s connections in this network. Between the anticipated and actual creativity ratings, the models showed a substantial association. In other words, based on the strength of a person’s connections in this network, we could predict how imaginative their ideas would be.

Creativity is the key to Success. Hence, implement your creativity to your actions and be prepared when creativity hits.

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