10 Surprising Benefits of “Being Single” In Your 30’s

10 Surprising Benefits of “Being Single” In Your 30’s

Being single in the 30’s or any age is always a particular choice – agree?


There is a significant social stigma associated with being single at 30, and this is well-known. But the reality is that you may find great joy in your single status at this critical juncture. 

Multiple studies show that being single benefits a woman’s health more than being in a committed relationship. Women who have never been married have lower body mass indexes and reduced rates of hypertension.

In addition to the positive effects on your health, being single in your 30s can open up a world of social opportunities that your married or otherwise coupled peers may never get the chance to explore. 

People in committed partnerships often overlook their other friendships to focus on their romantic partners. But, as a single woman, you now have more opportunities to expand your social circle. 

Top 10 Surprising benefits of being single in 30’s 

Being single in your thirties may be the finest thing that ever happened to you, and the list of reasons is practically limitless.

1. We develop a stronger sense of identity

We develop a stronger sense of identity

By the time we reach our thirties, we have a much clearer sense of our identities than we did when we were younger. Also, being genuine is recommended to attract a compatible partner. Finally, a strong sense of independence within your love life is one of the most vital factors in preserving passion and making the relationship work over the long haul. 

In the end, self-reliance is the most valuable quality to bring to a romantic relationship. So if you want to build up a good stock of self-sufficiency, being single in your thirties is the way to go.

2. Tolerant of flaws in romantic partners

flaws in romantic partners

Looking back on our tolerance levels before we reach the self-assurance that comes with entering our 30s can be a humbling experience. 

Furthermore, we didn’t know what was deemed appropriate behavior and what wasn’t because we needed more experience in the dating sector when we were teenagers and young adults. But, unfortunately, we no longer have time for it now that we’re older and wiser.

3. Freedom, freedom, and more freedom

Freedom, freedom, and more freedom

What about that long-awaited vacation to Paris? Or you’ve been thinking about finally going on that month-long wellness retreat you’ve been eyeing nationwide. But, of course, being single gives you the freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want. 

Still, when you’re not coupled up with somebody, nothing is holding you back but your inhibitions. So coordinating with your companion in advance is optional to ensure that your plans will be convenient for them.  

If you’re single, you can strike up conversations and friendships with anyone without worrying about offending your partner.

4. You can decorate your home based on your taste

decorate your home based on your taste

To compromise on personal space, it takes work to figure out how to decorate your home together as a pair. If you want your home to be comfortable for you and your significant partner, you may have to compromise on several design elements. 

For example, do you want to decorate your bedroom with glittery hot pink wallpaper? Then, you may finally decorate your home the way you like you.

5. We need to put more effort into our friendships


We tend to prioritize new love relationships over our existing friendships and families. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, and it stands to reason why. In a committed relationship, we tend to place an unhealthy dependency on our spouse. 

When a relationship is unhealthy, one person relies on the other for everything from emotional support and entertainment to a sense of purpose in life and financial support. Nonetheless, suffocation can occur in any relationship when one person, especially a romantic partner, is subjected to unrealistic expectations.

6. You can decide what to cook for dinner

You can decide what to cook for dinner

Finding a compromise on what to eat every night as a couple may be a severe hardship. Finding a meal plan that works for you and your partner can be a hassle and can take a toll on your health if you don’t pay attention. We may be eating more as a couple because of our increased appetite. 

If you’re a short woman trying to adopt the same eating habits as your taller boyfriend, you might gain more weight than you’re used to. On top of that, there are several advantages to eating alone as compared to with other people.

7. You can date more

You can date more

As we age, we’re more inclined to date at upscale establishments. By reaching our 30s, most of us have improved our communication skills over our younger selves. If you’ve told your potential partner what you want, it will be easier to end things on amicable terms if they refuse to give it to you.

8. There is no one to let you down

no one to let you down

While single can have its downfalls, many of us in relationships know the worst thing is feeling isolated from our lover. There is so much heartache associated with having a love partner, making us question whether we’d be better off not being involved in a relationship. The disappointment of a betrayed lover is more painful than being alone. Being shielded from love betrayal is a major perk.

9. You’ll have more spare time to pursue your interests

You’ll have more spare time to pursue your interests

When we finally meet the one, it’s tempting to save all our ardor for the new love of our life. However, when we give our undivided attention to our significant other, we stop investing in the activities that used to bring us joy. 

This is unfortunate because putting off pursuing one’s true hobbies is one of the worst mistakes a person can make when they commit to a romantic partner. Therefore, the most excellent method to have a successful relationship is constantly being yourself with your partner.

10. You probably have a higher IQ than your married friends

higher IQ

Believe it or not, being single increases the likelihood that you are more intelligent than your pals who are coupled up. Males choose partners who are less successful than they are because doing so is effectively easier for them. 

Since they don’t feel the same pressure to do so, clever women may be less interested in dating intelligent guys. Women with brains have an easier time making it on their own. Those who are less extroverted than the average has a higher IQ.

Last but not least, one of the biggest reasons to accept single hood in your 30s is that you simply refuse to settle. To think that so many people start dating for the wrong reasons is shocking. A recent study suggests that fear plays a significant role in why many people fail to pursue happier relationships. 

It could be due to various factors, including worries about isolation or failing to live up to others’ expectations. Despite this, if you’re currently single, especially if it’s a deliberate decision, you probably value your independence more than settling for a partner who doesn’t live up to your expectations. This is something to rejoice over, for sure.

Is it common to be single in your 30s? 

Just because you’re single in your thirties doesn’t mean you are unhappy.  Although it used to be more typical for people to get married when they were younger, this trend has faded in recent decades. 

You shouldn’t feel weird or out of place if getting married in your thirties doesn’t reflect your life, even if it seems to be becoming the new normal. One’s wedding day could come in one’s twenties, forties, fifties, or never.

Wind up! 

We have seen the benefits of being single in your 30s. Being alone in your thirties may be a liberating experience. It’s okay to be single in your 30s. So keep your chin up and relish the advantages of being a single adult in their 30s.

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