Save Money, Online Shopping! Tips

Save Money, Online Shopping! Tips

Prepare to save money when you shop online! We all like to cut costs whenever we can, and internet shopping is no exception. Try these online buying tips and methods if you’ve ever wondered how to save money when making purchases on the internet. The next time you get on, there are some very ingenious strategies you can employ.

Whether you enjoy the convenience of internet shopping or use it rarely, I’m sure you’d like to find a deal whenever you can. We must always buy something, whether it be food, groceries, gifts, etc., and that is why this post is here.

This post can assist you if you’ve ever wondered, “How can I save money while shopping?” and want some online shopping tips and tactics.The next time you need to make any purchases online, I sincerely hope they can assist you find the greatest deal possible. 

Tips To Save Money while Shopping Online

1. Buy Second Hand – Or Free!

Buy Second Hand - Or Free!

Instead of paying full price, there are places like eBay, Facebook groups, etc. that offer used products that might be ideal for you (I had previously purchased many dresses from eBay that were a bargain since I had searched for a dress there that was out of season that I missed in the shops). It was there for a small portion of the MRP, and when I was there, I discovered a few others that were comparable. Everything amounted to less than what I would have spent on a single dress in the store. Children’s clothing, books, and furnishings are some items that I believe are prudent to frequently purchase.

Additionally, you may look into Free cycle.

2. Find Deals – (Five Great Ways)

Find Deals - (Five Great Ways)

Some deals are one-off – and others are always there – it’s just knowing where to look!

1.  We utilize Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” feature to set up a recurring delivery of certain products (we use it for food items we can’t get at our local shop) and receive discounts ranging from 5 to 15%, depending on what we purchase, most definitely worth looking at.

2.  You can search on Google for “coupon code YOUR SHOP” and substitute YOUR SHOP for the name of the store you plan to purchase from. Frequently, you will find a code you can use to receive a discount. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s so simple!

3.  Buy with less expensive gift cards. Unused gift cards can be purchased for less than their face value on a website called Zeek (they buy the ones you don’t want or need and resell them). In other words, if you check there before you buy, and they have a gift card for that store, you can get the card for less than it is worth and save a little money by utilizing it for your shopping. Genius!

4.  By quickly searching Google for the name of the goods you are going to purchase, you can determine whether you are getting the greatest value. You may immediately find out whether someone is selling something for less by clicking on their SHOPPING tab and performing a search.

5.  Shop on a discount website like Groupon or Wowcher. These websites are worth keeping an eye on a daily basis, along with a list of the items you want to get. Just be careful not to spend money on stuff you don’t actually need because that’s too simple!

3. Abandon Your Basket

Find Deals - (Five Great Ways)

Quite cheeky, but occasionally very effective. You see, when you explore websites while online, their proprietors may keep tabs on what you look at and how you navigate. This helps a business owner figure out what is and isn’t working so they can improve your customer experience and ensure the things they choose are what you want to look at, but it may also frequently work in your favor.

You frequently notice that after perusing an online store, numerous advertisements for that store pop up on other websites. They are willing to spend to advertise that product to you once again since they know you are intrigued in it. If you take it a step further and put the item in your basket, you might discover that you receive a voucher delivered to you shortly after you are signed in to shop. Also, an idea to try!

4. Get On The Mailing List

Find Deals - (Five Great Ways)

It’s worth joining a store’s mailing list if you enjoy the place and don’t mind receiving emails from them. Subscribers frequently receive discounts throughout the year, promotional information, etc.

TIP – If you feel at ease doing so, include your birthday. When that day comes around, you often receive a special offer or treat.

TIP – If you don’t want to get added to a mailing list, then why not like them on Facebook or other social media – as they often use these as ways to incentivise buyers with codes and sales.

5. Get Cash Back (3 different ways to try)

5. Get Cash Back (3 different ways to try)

When you purchase, there are a few methods to get cash back, which is essentially free money.

I. When you click via their site to make a purchase, cash back websites like Quidco and TopCashback (Ebates in the US) offer cash-back options. Really simple to put up, and very valuable.

II.  Pay with a credit card that offers cash back. There is a strong warning attached to this, though. Avoid using this strategy if you are unable to make the minimum monthly payments on your credit card. You will lose out on savings far more than you would gain. But if you CAN, this is an excellent opportunity to make a little more money (you can find credit cards that offer cash, OR, like us, use a credit card from a store you use a lot so you get vouchers from them regularly).

III.  Use reward cards. If you frequent a certain store frequently, it is definitely worthwhile to join up and use your card since often times, they will give you vouchers for points or money off.

6. Save on delivery charges

Save on delivery charges

Many customers don’t pay attention to delivery charges during online shopping. They spend hours choosing the products, comparing features, and browsing discounts. So after applying promo and entering card details, they just want their products delivered. Many don’t bother reading or reconsidering the delivery charges.

But if you truly want to save money while shopping online, you should give it a second thought. You’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to reduce or exclude delivery charges.

Online stores often offer free delivery when customers spend a certain amount. So be cautious and know whether you are eligible for such an offer. If you are closer to that amount, why not add something that you’ll be needing soon? This can be a skincare product, a pair of socks, or anything else.

Also, don’t forget to search for a free delivery coupon for that shop. You can easily find one if you know where to look.

7. Signup for Newsletters

Signup for Newsletters

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to target the right audience. That’s why every brand has its own newsletter which they use to send weekly, monthly or seasonal discount offers. By signing up to their newsletters, you can receive quick info about the latest deals. You may even get discount offers by joining their newsletters.

In case you don’t want to clutter your email, sign up for a coupon site like PennyCanny. And if you haven’t joined our newsletter, you should. We only send tailored coupon offers of your favorite and selected stores to you.

8.  Stock Up When on sale 

8.  Stock Up When on sale 

If you know you’ll be buying something frequently and it’s on sale, buy it in quantity. You’ll save a tonne of money by using it all up. It can be done for non-perishable groceries like toilet rolls, shampoo, drinks etc. The idea is, if you stock up on what’s on sale, in season, and cheaper in bulk, you won’t need to buy those items again for a long time. As you transition into a system of always buying in bulk, in season, and on sale, you won’t have to buy everything every time.


Why is it crucial for customers to cut costs?

Consumers can start, as well as continue, to improve their finances, by saving money. You can prevent debt by using the money you have set aside to cover unforeseen costs or a major purchase. Additionally, having peace of mind that you are investing for long-term goals like retirement or college might be helpful. But these tips provided here will help you to cut costs while shopping online, as it can not be stopped at one take. Have a look and jot them down to help you in future cases of shopping online.

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