Round up of life hacks that you must know

Round up of life hacks that you must know



Life can be challenging, but here are some helpful tips and tricks that will make your life a little bit easier. These life hacks cover a wide array of situations. From study tips to fitness tricks, there is something for everyone. We weren’t so sure how creatively organising our phone cables or repurposing cardboard boxes into new objects would improve our lives when the craze of discovering “life hacks” initially swept the Internet. That is, until we gave it a shot and discovered that even the smallest things that encourage organisation in a cheap, upcycling-based fashion may have a large and very helpful impact! Since then, we’ve been researching a variety of strange life hacks and cost-effective methods for storing and safeguarding the little items in our home. Enjoy this list of life hacks! Here is the round up of life hacks that you must know!



1. Easy DIY for your Makeup

Easy DIY for your Makeup

It can be challenging to keep track of all your cosmetics, especially if you must cram it all into a small drawer. Instead, we advise using a lovely magnet board and affixing magnets to your blush, powder, and eyeshadow cases. This is one of the best round up of life hacks that you must know for your makeup. You don’t need to dig through the pile because you can see them all right now. Download the instruction from Cool Creativity.

2. Kitchen organization DIY hack

Kitchen organization DIY hack

Have you ever opened a kitchen cabinet just to have a can of soup slide out, making your entire existence seem to vanish before your eyes? Look, our kids really like chicken soup, but no matter how we arrange the cans, they always seem to tip over or occupy the entire shelf. We were pleasantly happy to see this can storage solution from Then She Created that not only keeps the soup cans contained and uses minimal space, but also upcycles a soda pop box once you’ve finished the drink!

3. Plastic bottle with holes watering life hacks

Plastic bottle with holes watering life hacks

Have you ever had to take care of someone else’s plants? This can be a difficult task if you’re taking care of a friend’s home. After all, they might not have clarified the location of all of their tools for plant maintenance. Yes, there is a workaround for this problem. Start with a water bottle that is empty. Make a few holes in the lid next. After that, add water to the bottle. Lastly, flip the bottle over to reveal the water’s spill. Although water will leak, it is exceedingly challenging to direct the water. In fact, if you’re not careful, you can end up covered in water. This is one of the best round up of life hacks that you must know for your waste bottles. If you use the life hack more than a few times, you owe it to yourself using the life hack more than a few times, then you owe it to yourself to get proper plant-watering equipment.

4. Cable management hack

Cable management hack

Many of us increasingly assemble more gadgets over time. As soon as you set up a computer, a printer, and mobile devices, you’ll begin to feel overrun by cables. Even worse, you can misplace a crucial wire beneath your desk, which would be really annoying if it prevented you from charging your preferred device. Binder clips act as cable catchers, which is a free and practical life hack. You may easily keep your cords organised by utilising binder clips. Naturally, you might have trouble locating paper clips that are the appropriate size for your workstation. About 25,000 binder clips are available for purchase on Amazon, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

5. Snack life hacks

Snack life hacks

Since so many snacks come in oversized boxes, we’re always seeking for quick, space-saving methods to clear our pantry shelves and make room for all the food our kids keep persuading us to buy for them. Imagine our delight when we read about Organizing Home Life’s suggestion to hang a shoe rack on the back of the pantry door and store small, individually wrapped snacks inside its pockets in place of the larger container.

6. Clip based coffee cup holder

Clip based coffee cup holder

Many people find it necessary to maintain a healthy coffee supply in their professional lives. Just ask anyone who has accidentally dropped coffee on a signed contract or an essential piece of paper. According to this life tip, a sizable clip can serve as a transportable cup holder for coffee. This is one of the best round up of life hacks that you must know for your unused clips. Space can be saved in a big way this way. Obviously, there is a lot at stake in the particulars. You must choose a sturdy cup holder and pick the ideal spot with care for this life hack to function.

7. Cool hack for your fridge 

Cool hack for your fridge 

While we’re talking about plastic organisers and how helpful they can be everywhere; we want to let you know how much we loved discovering the refrigerator basket idea. We sorted our belongings exactly as you can see in the picture by purchasing the baskets we used for storage from the dollar store around the corner, which saved us time and money. Being enormous geeks, we even went one step further and added tiny labels using the label machine we gave our children for Christmas last year.

8. Vodka as sticker remover

Vodka as sticker remover

As we’re on the subject of plastic organisers and how useful they can be everywhere; we’d like to share how much we enjoyed learning about the refrigerator basket concept. We saved time and money by organising our items exactly as you can see in the photo and buying the storage baskets from the nearby dollar store. Due to our extreme geekiness, we even added teeny labels with the label maker we gave our kids for Christmas the previous year.

9. Moving life hack

Moving life hack

You must bring your clothing with you if you are moving. They will wrinkle if you stuff them all into bags or cartons, especially because you probably won’t get to use them right away. You should give it a try!



Life hacks are innovative approaches to simplifying the little things in life. Do you have any more fantastic DIY life hacks that you don’t see on our list but that have greatly facilitated your life?


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