Last Minute DIY gift You Can Make Under 1500

Last Minute DIY gift You Can Make Under 1500

A person’s heart can be won with homemade gifts. Of course, it’s lovely to cherish the memories you have of your lover. Oh, Canvas enthusiastically recommends these exquisite last-minute DIY gifts for him or her and includes detailed instructions. 

To maintain the flame while enjoying pleasant memories. They merit a bit for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. Cost is optional. 

Last minute DIY gift ideas for him

1. The bracelet is made from leather

The bracelet is made from leather

There has never been a finer moment to make excellent leather bracelets for men because men’s ultra-chic accessories are so in vogue. They are affordable, and you can use them to make a homemade easy DIY gift for your sweetheart. Personalize them to represent your friend’s personality using colors and designs he likes. Of course, it’s necessary to have cable, epoxy glue, and hook closing.

2. Decorative Wood Slice Coasters

Decorative Wood Slice Coasters

Wood-sliced coasters could make great last-minute DIY gifts for your friends. They are also fun to make, contain natural elements and are appealing. Supplies include wood slices, an image or cameo, acrylic paint, a brush, varnish, and thin cork. Pieces of birchwood can be perfect.

3. Mugs With a Botanical Design

Mugs With a Botanical Design

You may surprise your partner with hand-painted mugs with the floral designs you created. Your sweetheart will love the lovely pattern you can make by incorporating neatly formed leaves and short branches. Undoubtedly, it will be a thoughtful, affordable gift.

4. Homemade Tablet Stand

Homemade Tablet Stand

It’s hard to locate a spot in the kitchen where you can set up your iPad or cookbook while looking up recipes. To address this issue, create a simple tablet holder with a cutting board. Even your tablet-dependent friend, who you can give it to, will appreciate it. It is one of the considerate last-minute DIY presents for a friend that is both inexpensive and expensive.

5. Keychain with a handmade mustache

Keychain with a handmade mustache

A keychain would make a great last-minute homemade gift for a friend. To give it a manly aspect, emboss leather in the shape of a mustache. Genuine leather, sewing machines, thread, keychains, shears, pliers, needles, and mustache designs are all required.

6. Keychain made of stamped leather

Keychain made of stamped leather

A significant activity is giving homemade gifts. Simply put, you enjoy creating it and the priceless look on the recipient’s face when they realize how valuable it is. Create beautiful leather key chains that you can personalize. Your guy will gush endlessly over it, but it will be a labor of love.

7. Homemade Small Wallet

Homemade Small Wallet

It could be time for an update if your companion has used the same massive wallet for the past ten years. An entertaining and adorable homemade gift for your husband is this little wallet. Large enough to store the necessities while remaining manageably light.

8. DIY Paracord Bracelet

DIY Paracord Bracelet

Make last-minute easy DIY gifts that are stylish and useful for your partner who likes the outdoors. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, paracord is an excellent material. In addition to being practical in various outdoor situations, it also has a lovely design. With this paracord bracelet, use your imagination and follow the step-by-step instructions.

9. Wonderful Votive Candle Holders

Wonderful Votive Candle Holders

A candle holder is an object used to hold a candle upright. Create dazzling votive candle holders to give your lover a lovely romantic gesture. Candles provide a relaxing and pleasant ambiance, making beautiful presents.

10. Love Canvas Picture Collage

Love Canvas Picture Collage

This simple picture collage painting will showcase your favorite moments from the previous year. Use all the photos you’ve taken with your lover for a distinctive strategy. He will appreciate your kindness if you make a collage with a heart.

Last minute DIY gift ideas for her

1. A Minimalist T-Shirt 

A Minimalist T-Shirt 

With Quirky Letters, Iron-on letters have gone a long way. Now that they are available in practically every font type, you may create a whole wardrobe of inside joke t-shirts. Draw ideas from their favorite books, movies, or Tik-Toks. Learn how to do it at Almost Makes Perfect.

2. Flawless Ornaments


Similar to leather, brass is a DIY material that looks expensive but can be transformed quickly. To give a particular ornament set, mix up the sizes and forms of pre-made brass blanks like Caitlin of The Merrythought did. This is a terrific add-on present if you want to add extra glitz to a candle or a bottle of wine.

3. A Scrapbook of Emotions

A Scrapbook of Emotions

Create a photo book like this one from Almost Makes Perfect with your favorite memories from the previous year. Many picture book providers make creating a memory book as simple as downloading it from your phone, or you can locate a scrapbook at a craft store and print your photos there.

4. A photo album with a little travel book

A photo album with a little travel book

It is entertaining to look through a creative scrapbook detailing your travels with your partner. You could display it in your living room or take it with you on your next trip. The supplies needed include a metal ruler, an Exacto blade, a pencil, a photo printer, labels, poster boards, and a paper mache craft box.

5. Coasters made of decorated wood slices

Coasters made of decorated wood slices

Wood-sliced coasters could make great last-minute DIY gifts for her. They have natural elements that are also pleasurable to drive, and are appealing. Materials needed include thin cork, a photo or cameo, acrylic paint and a brush, varnish, and wood slices.

6. Custom Cookie Butter

Custom Cookie Butter

If your partner can’t imagine life without Oreos, you must arm him with this cookie butter, which will make life much tastier for him. The fact that this cookie butter may be used with any cookie, not only Oreos, is its best quality. You can combine additional ideas to create an enticing gift if you know his preferences (other than Oreos).

7. Leather Keychain with Stamps

Leather Keychain with Stamps

Giving handcrafted gifts is such a heartfelt activity. You enjoy creating it and watching the recipient’s priceless look when they realize its value. Create beautiful leather key chains and personalize them as you choose. Although it will take a lot of work, your guy will gush endlessly over it.

8. DIY Cement Desk Organizer

DIY Cement Desk Organizer

Like the majority of us, your guy needs some help getting organized. Consequently, many organizers construct one for him rather than spending time trying to get one. With these beautiful easy gifts to make at home for friends, his work (and life) will be well organized, and this set will add a gorgeous, individual touch to his desk. Although these easy DIY gift tasks sound challenging, nothing could be further from the truth. The detailed directions make it easy to make these last-minute DIY gifts for her.

9. A pillow with a hidden pocket

A pillow with a hidden pocket

This Valentine’s Day, hide little notes of affection for your special someone within a cushion. Give the cushion a hidden pocket to display the message, creating a romantic appearance. This secret pillow is quite simple to put together. You already have all the necessary supplies at home.

10. A personalized photo clock

A personalized photo clock

Display your favorite images on a personalized photo clock, which would make excellent easy gifts to make at home for friends for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other significant occasion, it is the most spectacular of our 45 simple last-minute easy DIY gifts. You may add text to your image to transform a plain clock into something lovely and unique. Additionally, the family portrait would look fantastic.


If you have artistic talent and want to give last-minute DIY gift ideas for him a present that will mean a lot to him, now is the time to put your skills to use and make him something. The handmade gifts you make for your partner have much more individuality than those you purchase from a store.

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