Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Kitchen Essentials you can't live Without



Did you know that before a recipe is released on Simply Recipes, it must go through a rigorous development, testing, and editing process? It is real! When it comes to your meals and sweets, we want to make sure you only receive the best. It’s hardly surprising that we have preferences when it comes to the crucial, most time-saving cooking tools given the amount of time our team of contributors and testers spend in the kitchen daily. There are a few kitchen tools that go above and beyond. They’re multi-purpose items that are invaluable in my kitchen, and they get used almost every day. Here are some of the kitchen essentials that you can’t live without.



1. Measuring cups and spoon

Measuring cups and spoon

It is essential to keep measuring spoons and cups on hand because you cannot bake without them. For your recipes to turn out well, make sure you’re using all of them correctly. For example, never use dry measuring cups for liquid ingredients, and vice versa. This is one of the kitchen essentials which you can’t live without as it eases the task of measuring for you. You only need one set of each, though, so if you have extras, and you’re trying to declutter, toss the ones you’re not using.

2. Good cutting board

Good cutting board

Excellent cutting surfaces call for good knives. NEVER cut through glass or marble. Always go for an Epicurean Wood Composite cutting board, a beautiful piece of wood, or a strong plastic cutting board. They are kind to your knives like a wood cutting board, but they are dishwasher safe like a plastic cutting board, which is what I enjoy about them. While I was working at the kitchen supply store, I was introduced to these cutting boards, and I was instantly captivated.

3. Saucepan


You always reach for your saucepan when making pasta, soup, or any other dish that calls for boiling water (including steaming vegetables and hard-cooking eggs). This is one of the kitchen essentials which you can’t live without as it eases the way to make food. This versatile pan has a tonne of uses and generally takes up less space on your shelf than other, larger pots, so it has earned its place there.

4. Can Opener

Can openerYou should never be caught without a can opener because almost every ingredient that comes in a can (such as tomatoes, beans, and soups) needs one. Although there are some methods for opening cans without this necessary tool, they are frequently messy and sometimes even risky. Simply have one of these indispensable kitchen tools on available rather than taking the chance of a mess or an unintended injury.

5. Tongs 


Tongs are frequently used when using grills and barbecues, but did you know they are also excellent for picking up food while shallow frying, pulling out noodles, and tossing salads? To use them with non-stick cookware, some even come with silicone-covered tips.

6. A great set of pans

A great set of pans

A few different pans are necessary for every cook, and these are probably used frequently. The best induction cookware, a pair of high-quality stainless-steel saucepans with lids (ideally in two different sizes so you can stack them if necessary), and you’ll probably want to add a non-stick frying pan, sauté pan, and/or wok, depending on what you like to cook. If you need a little extra cooking area, you could even pair these with one of the best portable induction hobs. If you’re short on space, be sure to read up on our innovative storage solutions for pans to keep them well-organized and in great shape. 

7. Garlic press

Garlic press

One of our favourite kitchen tools, a garlic press will always be useful if you like to cut down on chopping time, but there’s a little-known fact that makes it a true necessity: you don’t even need to peel the cloves before you start pressing. Put them in the garlic press skins and all, and it will press the clove while separating the peel.

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8. Salt and pepper bottle mills

Salt and pepper bottle mills

It can be annoying to use poor-quality salt and pepper mills, but it’s also desirable to have attractive, high-quality spice mills that look excellent on the table for any guests. If you’re unsure which to pick, Menu bottle mills are both high-quality and attractive, with the extra benefit of an unusual upright shape that stops spills on the table or countertop.

9. Coffee maker

Coffee maker

Spend as much as you can afford on the coffee-making kit if you can’t function without your morning brew. You’ll probably use it several times a day, so consider it an investment. Nespresso is one of the top investment coffee machine brands. They provide some of the most well-liked coffee makers available today. We have Famous Chefs of India list.



To be able to cook anything we want, we need more than a few electronic devices, cookware, and cutlery and knife sets. For instance, a potato peeler is required to remove the skin from several fruits and vegetables. These straightforward instruments can easily be purchased from a nearby retailer. They can be kept in your kitchen drawer for usage as needed.

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