Foodie and Fits goes along. Shocked?

Foodie and Fits goes along. Shocked?

Have a read of the below-written blog on tips to get along as a foodie and fits.

Fitness is not all about following popular and hard-core diet plans, exhausting yourselves to exercise and pressurizing yourself to lose weight. It can be having your favorite food with the proper amount rather than the proper content.

The reason that staying fit is difficult is only because of food. You know what it feels like to be forced to give up your favorite food to work hard in the gym, or because you want to cover up your double chin or Pinocchio. For foodies, being fit is the struggle of the heart and full of cream-filled doughnuts and ice creams.

So, for all the foodies out there, the first step towards being fit is knowing your body well. Slow metabolism people must work hard for being fit rather than fast metabolism people.

Here, these tips can make you fitness go along with your favorite food,

Ways to make foodie and fit together

1. Drinking at least 2 glasses of water before any of your favorite meal

Drinking water is a sure shot of eating less of your favorite food, which will eventually help in balancing your diet and end up eating regretfully humongous portions. Moreover, water speeds up your metabolism and aids the digestion of food, preventing bloating and acidity. And one old-school tip is to walk a few miles after every meal of your favorite food. This is the very easiest and first step towards being fit with being a foodie.

2. Pile up on healthy fats, proteins, and fiber

Healthy fats, proteins and fibres are essential nutrients for your body. Let’s take the example of eggs, milk and fish can be made into very tasty and delicious dishes which in turn helps in muscle development and repair. Secondly, fruit puddings and fresh vegetable sandwiches with extra mayo and cheese as a normal foodie likes can help you feel fuller for a long time. Dark chocolate can be the sweet regime for foodie cravings.

3. Don’t eat late in night

Don’t eat late in night

The foremost and easiest tip to be fit and foodie at the same time is eating your favorites of food at the right time. Avoid eating too late at night, which guarantees you with a flatter tummy that you like along with being a foodie eating your favorite food. This can be done by setting up the alarm for like 6 to 7 in the evening to remember to eat your meal at time.

4. Drink lemon water in the morning

Drink lemon water in the morning

The one and best way to somewhat control your cravings for the day are drinking lemon water with honey, which controls your illogical food cravings to some extent. The easiest way of doing so is buying an attractive glass to drink it which according to some studies will make you drink lemon water with much ease and your will.

5. Breathe deep to shoo away your cravings

The best way to avoid cravings is to try to take a deep breath, which releases serotine from your brain and ends up in relaxing you and buying you the time to put your health first on your priority list.

6. Do some legwork

Do some legwork

This point is not asking you to do vigorous exercises to be fit and foodie at the same time, it is just a way to take small steps like taking stairs instead of a lift for going up, keeping your instant food items away from you so that you have to walk a little to get that food, try to walk a little which can be done by calling your close friend, family or relative which turns your mind towards the talk rather than exhausting you from walking. Basically, the motive is to keep you on your toes, which will help you burn your calories without even knowing it.

7. Maintain a Cheat Day

Maintain a Cheat Day

You don’t necessarily have to give up on all your favorite junk foods. Maintain a day to reward yourself for not giving in your cravings every so often. It can be the weekend, as it is time you are most likely to go out and eat. Decide on one dish that you have resisted for the longest time and eat it on your cheat day. This will single-handedly motivate you to work out and satiate the foodie in you.

I hope this blog will help you to be a foodie with a fit person inside out and motivates you to do small steps to maintain and balance all aspects of your busy life.

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