Cooking secrets of Deepika Padukone

Cooking secrets of Deepika Padukone



The world is aware of Bollywood star Deepika Padukone’s passion for cuisine. If you look over her Instagram account, you may occasionally find the diva divulging her culinary secrets. Deepika updates her fans on all the events in her life, from making foreign cuisines for husband Ranveer Singh during the lockdown to relishing in her comfort foods. On her Instagram account, she recently held a “Share a picture of…” event where she revealed the things she cannot live without. Are you curious about Deepika’s full plate? We have some of the actor’s nutrition and gastronomic secrets right here, and they are worth bookmarking. Here are the cooking secrets of Deepika Padukone.



1. South Indian Food  for the Win

South Indian Food for the Win

While Deepika is at home, she typically has upma, dosa, and idlis for breakfast in addition to her favourite South Indian dishes, uttapam and idlis. In fact, Deepika admitted that Rasam Rice is her all-time favourite comfort meal during a recent AMA session. The actor Ananya Panday even gushed about Deepika’s home’s delectable south Indian cuisine in the same video, writing, “Ur house South Indian food is my comfort food as well, yum to another level.” Some claim that Deepika has even acknowledged eating Masala Dosa and Medu Vadas from Bengaluru’s fabled CTR (Central Tiffin Room).

2. Filter Coffee every morning

Filter Coffee every morning

In addition to enjoying South Indian food, Deepika enjoys drinking filter coffee in the morning. Also, she sources some of the best coffee beans from her home country because she loves coffee so much (Bengaluru).

3. Chocolate lover

Chocolate lover

Deepika has frequently acknowledged her fondness of sweets, especially when chocolate is involved. She once shared a video of herself eating a chocolate bar by herself, and you can tell how decadent it must be by the looks on her face. Recently, Deepika shared a photo of a decadent multi-layered chocolate cake that she was eating on Instagram. The cake appeared extremely delicious thanks to its many layers and buttercream frosting.

4. Loves having simple food

Loves having simple food

Deepika prefers to eat more than the recommended two or three meals each day and consumes extremely basic fare. She enjoys eating the straightforward dal chawal whenever she wants. According to several publications, Deepika rented a condo while filming her Hollywood film in Canada and used to prepare her own dal chawal. We all experience homesickness, and Deepika agrees that nothing compares to the satisfaction of eating meals you’ve prepared yourself. This is one the cooking secrets of Deepika Padukone which is revealed in an Interview.

5. Believes in healthy food choices

Believes in healthy food choices

Deepika enjoys simple meals and is a skilled cook due to how fit and healthy she is. She enjoys eating at home and has a penchant for drinking water, smoothies, coconut water, and natural juices while shooting. Also, she loves clear soup, Marie or cream crackers for snacks and steers clear of junk food and anything sweet.

6. Tossed Salad and Steamed fish

Tossed Salad and Steamed fish

In a direct interview, Deepika has also mentioned a few of her favourite lunchtime hangouts. She enjoys Mediterranean cuisine and always makes time to go to Olive in Mumbai or Sunny’s in Bengaluru when she is in the area. Deepika adores the dish of steamed salmon with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes along with a toss salad. She discussed her favourite sev puri restaurant, Ram and Shyam in Santacruz, Mumbai, in the same interview.

7. Opt for nutty evening snacks

Opt for nutty evening snacks

Deepika has confessed to craving some snacks in the evening, and so she controls the same by munching on some nuts, including almond and some filter coffee. We have made Best Quick Snacks in 20 Minutes.


In a “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram, Padukone was asked what one meal she could eat for the rest of her life. She then admitted that it was rasam served with white rice and a mango pickle. She is a foodie, which we adore!

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