Best drinks to have with spicy food

Best drinks to have with spicy food



Summertime and drinks go together like summers and spicy cuisine, but what about spicy food and cocktails? It’s more difficult to manoeuvre through such match-up. Alcohol intensifies the capsaicin-induced spicy sensation, so if you’re careless, you’ll just experience the burn. After all, it’s challenging to taste anything else when your mouth is burning. Cold, low-alcohol beverages always work regardless of the spice level, but a little planning might have you reaching for the next Chile-filled bite. Continue reading for a detailed explanation of how to combine your favourite libations with anything hot.

But don’t give up! Whether your preferred beverage is lemony, bone dry, or sweet and fruity, there is still hope for this match.



1. Riesling


Riesling is a versatile white wine that can go with any meal and has a naturally high acidity and sweetness level. A light German Riesling with flavours of green apple and lime is a great choice to pair with spicy Thai food since it may chill your palate due to its natural sugar content.

2. Bloody Maria

Bloody Maria

The well-known bloody mary becomes the equally delicious bloody maria when vodka is substituted for tequila. Even though it’s the same fantastic beverage, the tequila background has a significant impact. You can add as much heat as you wish, just like with any other “bloody” drink. You can use a little more horseradish and Tabasco because a lot of the heat is absorbed by the tomato juice. Enjoy yourself and make this dish your own.

3. Pineapple Chilli Margarita

Pineapple Chilli Margarita

One of the more obvious cocktail families that begs for some hot peppers is the margarita family. Although tequila and chile peppers are both common ingredients in Mexican food, combining them in a few drinks makes perfect sense. It’s incredibly simple to make the shaken and served on the rock’s pineapple chilli margarita. You’ll notice at the first sip how the acidic pineapple balances the heat of the habanero sauce to produce a very pleasant beverage.

4. Chardonnay


Continue with the white wines, please! Chardonnay goes great with seafood, creamy vegetable soups, and risotto-style foods. It pairs well with vegetable meals because it is often a dry, medium- to full-bodied wine with a moderate acidity. It’s crucial to remember that no two Chardonnays are alike, and that can affect whether you select a medium-bodied or full-bodied wine. Indian dishes like this Shrimp Fried Rice, Vegetable Samosa, and Roasted Tomato Curry over rice go great with Chardonnay. Together with puddings, it goes great with this Creamy Carrot and Rice Pudding. This is one of the best drinks considered to have with the spicy food.

5. Shiraz


If you can visualise it, Shiraz is a dark red wine derived from grapes with dark skin. It’s frequently described as a full-bodied, dry wine that’s snappy. It has a strong flavour and goes well with herbs, grilled meat and vegetables, duck, and barbecue. You could want to consider serving your Shiraz with a little richer food, such as the Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap, to combine it with an Indian cuisine. Alternatively, you might like to serve it with this Vegetable Turmeric Melt Nantwich.

6. Cabernet


Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the most well-liked wines in the world, is robust and fruity yet doesn’t cut like many other full-bodied wines. It is dry and goes nicely with a variety of dishes. Cabernet pairs beautifully with tomatoes, black cherries, cheddar cheese, hearty stews, and spicy curries. Any of the curries listed above—chicken coconut curry, chicken tikka masala, roasted tomato curry, etc.—would pair well with this wine. Of course, there are many other beers, wines, and Indian meals available, many of which pair wonderfully. Here are a handful of our favourites, shall we say. This is one of the best drinks considered to have with the spicy food. We sincerely hope that you are as eager to try your next beer or wine and meal combo as we are after reading this post! Good appetite!

7. Mango Spice

Mango Spice

Although the tropical fruit is frequently neglected in cocktails, it pairs delightfully with jalapenos. The two work flawlessly together in this fruity vodka martini. Both mango vodka and nectar are used in the mango spice cocktail, the latter of which is blended with fresh pepper slices and agave nectar. It is shaken with the flavoured vodka, lime juice, and orange bitters to combine the flavours and provide an appealing flavour.

8. Devil Cocktail

Devil Cocktail

The devil drink is quite misleading and not as classy as its name might imply. But it turns out well. Ignore your first opinion after reading the ingredients if you want to make this cocktail. If you approach this brandy and crème de menthe cocktail with an open mind, you might be pleasantly surprised after the first sip!

9. Pinot Noir

9. Pinot Noir

In terms of red wines, Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied red that pairs well with a variety of foods. Pinot Noir is a highly fragrant wine with earthy cherry, spice, herb, and raspberry aromas. Because it can stand on its own despite not being a full-bodied wine, you can still pair it with some rich ingredients. It goes well with foods containing mushrooms, such as Spring Vegetable Pulao, because it is an earthy wine. Moreover, lighter red sauces like Chicken Tikka Masala served over basmati rice go nicely with your Pinot Noir.

10. Wheat beer

Wheat beer

Good wheat beer is the best light beer to accompany a spicy cuisine as well as shellfish. Anybody for a shrimp curry? Many wheat beers come with lemon on the side, and many varieties have citrus or other fruit infusions in the beer itself. While choosing which delectable dinner to match with your heft, go ahead and stock up on the chutneys because they do go well with both fruits and citrus. On the other hand, while the flavours in the biryani match up well, the meal may be heavy on the rice and, when paired with a wheat beer, can become heavy and filling—unless you’re in the mood to binge!



In conclusion, if you want to pair a drink with Indian food, you have a huge selection to pick from. You can pick from whisky, wine, beer, and even cocktails if it’s an alcoholic beverage. Also, if you want to avoid drinking alcohol, sodas are your best bet. So, all you have to do is select the settings that suit your preferences and have fun!

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