Artificial Intelligence Movies: Top 10

Artificial Intelligence Movies: Top 10

Artificial intelligence movies are now an essential component of daily life. AI is changing people’s lives, from supercomputers to autonomous vehicles. 

We are gaining new opportunities in every industry, including health, manufacturing, security, commerce, etc.

As a result, many filmmakers are interested in artificial intelligence and incorporating the idea of AI into their films.

Movies are ideal for showcasing anything in the most excellent method, including AI. Thanks to the film, people can learn about AI and have fun while having new experiences. 

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Movies

AI movies present a futuristic idea that only exists in fiction, not reality.

In this section, we provide the best films based on artificial intelligence that are entertaining, imaginative, and well worth watching.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI, a highly artificial youngster from the future, is the main character of the 2001 American science fiction novel Artificial Intelligence, one of the best AI movies ever.

David is 11 years old and goes by that name. 

He can love it because of specific programming. So David aspires to be a typical boy to win his human mother’s affection once more.

  • Metropolis


The German silent film Metropolis, one of the best AI movies to watch online, is the first science fiction movie. 

‘Metropolis’ depicts a futuristic city with two distinct populations: the above-ground governing class and below-ground laborers.

The film’s central idea is the working class’s revolution against the upper classes through industrialization and dehumanization. 

To find an intermediary between the lower-class lords and the working class, Maria meets Freder Friederson, the son of Lord Johann Friedersen of Metropolis, and they fall in love.

 Johnson thinks the labor group is no longer necessary and switches to a robot resembling Maria.

  • Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina is a 2014 science fiction film directed by Alex Garland. In the movie, Caleb, a programmer for a search engine company, is chosen to participate in a ground-breaking AI experiment. 

He is tasked with evaluating the capabilities of a highly advanced humanoid robot named Ava, created by the reclusive CEO of the company, Nathan. 

Ava pushes Caleb to explore human and artificial intelligence boundaries.

The film features stunning visual effects and a thought-provoking storyline, making it a must-watch for fans of artificial intelligence movies.

  • The Matrix

The Matrix

The Matrix imagines a future in which humanity is imprisoned in a false reality.

By diverting them using this matrix, intelligent machines use the human body as an energy source. 

The narrative follows Thomas Anderson’s journey, a character leading two lives. 

He goes by Anderson, a typical computer programmer, during the day and goes as Neo, a hacker, at night. 

Although Neo constantly doubts his reality, he is still far from the truth. 

One day, Neo receives a call from the well-known hacker Morpheus, who the government has labeled a terrorist. 

Neo learns the dark secrets that have been tormenting him for so long and the truth about his reality from Morpheus.

  • Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Blade Runner, a classic example of artificial intelligence movies, depicts a futuristic civilization of the twenty-first century where Tyrell Corporation creates fake animals. 

Replicants are the name given to these human-like entities. 

Employing these replicants as enslaved people in colonies outside of Earth is possible. 

They were created to do tasks that endanger people, but when they rebelled against their human creators, they were exiled from the planet and placed in space. 

Blade runners train police officials who aim to exterminate these replicants from the earth.

  • Moon (2009)

Moon (2009)

Moon, a 2009 science fiction film by Duncan Jones, is one of the best AI movies of all time. 

After completing a three-year shift in a lunar mine, astronaut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) waits to see his wife (Dominic McElligott) and young daughter. 

Only his computer and GERTY, his assistant, are present with him. 

Sam’s health suddenly starts to decline. She experiences excruciating migraines, hallucinations, and a tragic accident. 

He discovers that he is not alone when he wakes up and understands that his reality is not what he had expected.

  • The Terminator

The Terminator

The Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is one of the best AI movies to watch online

He traveled from 2029 to 1984 to assassinate Linda Hamilton. However, Sarah Connor’s character Linda Hamilton’s unborn child, prevents hostile artificial intelligence from destroying humanity. 

Another figure named Kyle Reese (Michael Beahan), who played a soldier, repurchased it in time to save Sarah Connor.

  • Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy

Joseph Kosinski direct the American science fiction action film Tron: Legacy, a follow-up to the 1982 movie Tron. 

The movie’s protagonist is Sam Flynn, the son of virtual world designer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). Sam embarks on a perilous journey into a dangerous digital realm created by his father to search for his long-lost father. 

Father and son team up to stop Clue from invading the real world. Tron: Legacy is one of the best artificial intelligence movies out there.

Sam Flynn is the son of Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges. He ventures into a dangerous digital realm created by his father. 

Sam and Clue team up to stop the evil program Clue from invading the real world. Together, they fight to stop Clue from invading the real world.

  • Wall E

Wall E

Wall-E is an American computer-animat science fiction movie under artificial intelligence movies

The narrative portrays a typical future in which humans have disappear from the planet because of excess rubbish. 

Wall-E, the final robot, is the only one left on earth to remove the trash. 

Wall-E, which stands for West Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class, is an acronym. Just a fat pet cockroach lives with Wall-E on Earth. He cleans the earth one piece of rubbish at a time. 

One day, a spacecraft lands on our planet and sends a dangerous robot out to look for a live plant. 

Following his love affair with EVE, Wall-E gives her a live plant. He unwittingly starts a space mission to determine how humanity is treated.

AI could lead to the development of robot emotions through AI.

  • Her


The story of a man named Theodore serves as its basis in the movie Her. A single man works as a letter writer for a company. He usually hangs out with his friends and plays video games during his free time. 

He decides to purchase the new OS1, the world’s first artificial intelligence operating system, after finding an advertisement for it. 

She interacts with the OS after it is install; the OS calls herself Samantha and speaks in a female voice.

After speaking to one another for a while, they both develop feelings for one another. Theodore is fill with joy but has second thoughts about his passion for Os. Her is one of the best AI movies of all time.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence has been a fascinating topic in the field of science fiction for many years. Check the Disney plus movies list to watch online.

Through movies, we expose to various portrayals of AI, from benevolent and helpful to malicious and destructive. 

These films entertain us and make us reflect on the implications of advanced technology and its impact on our society. 

While we have yet to develop AI to the extent portrayed in these movies, they offer a glimpse of what could be possible. AI should be responsible for the betterment of humanity.

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